Why Suapi2?

Suapi2 users know that they can trust the site for providing up-to-date information on the events they are looking forward to attending. 

Suapi2 has been the event promotion site of choice for many renowned events. The site has promoted events of all kinds from apple and organic food events to music festivals. Whether the host is a non-profit organization, a corporate organization, or an indie band, suapi2 has the platform to successfully promote the event and helps event hosts increase their ticket sales. 

Suapi2 aggregates events on a single calendar, giving viewers a complete overview of what’s going on in their neighborhood. Suapi2 users can filter through events to find what interests them, helping them plan their fun-filled weekends. Every event on Suapi2 is given a dedicated page where hosts can share information on what the event is and all of the event details, linking back to their event website. Hosts also have the option to sell tickets directly through Suapi2 for a small fee. 

Suapi2 is dedicated to helping organizations meet their event revenue goals, giving them the resources they need to promote and sell tickets to their event successfully.