Selling Event Tickets With Local Roof Contractors

You want to maximize your ticket sales and generate as much revenue as possible. This means you need to take targeted measures to increase your ticket sales. One of the best ways to generate more revenue from events is to offer tiered-packages. Each tiered package will have its own set of benefits for the participant. This could be a special meet and greet with speakers, priority entry, VIP seats, an after-party, swag, drinks, etc. Research shows that events that offer tiered packages often generate more revenue than events that only offer a single type of ticket. 

You also want to make sure you are charging the right amount for your tickets. You don’t want to outprice yourself and decrease the demand for your event. At the same time, you want to price your tickets high enough that you are able to actually generate revenue from the event. 

Roofing Work And Ticket Sales?

Another way to increase ticket sales is to market the event through new marketing channels. If previous events have only been marketed using digital marketing and traditional marketing, consider partnering with a couple of “discovery” sites like suapi2 to get the word out about your event. This can put your event in front of a new audience. Using event promotion sites often have strong ROI as the cost of posting your event is typically low cost, if not free.

Partnerships work tremendously well. Sometimes local business owners have quite a bit of authority and they trump traditional advertising. We’ve worked with companies like roofing experts to hand out tickets while they do jobs. Worked surprisingly better than expected.

Ticket sales can also be increased by using package deals. You can offer special incentives for those participants that purchase a certain number of tickets. For instance, you could offer free drink tickets for individuals that purchase 5 event tickets or you could offer special swag bags for those that purchase 5 VIP tickets.