Event Promotion Websites For Apparel

In addition to having your own event website, it can be beneficial to use an event promotion website. Event promotion websites are sites where numerous events in an area are all listed together in a calendar format. These “discovery” sites are especially helpful because they put your event in front of prospective participants that are actively looking for something to do. They may be completely unaware of your event or your organization, but if the nature of the event is something they find of interest they may choose to participate.

From Ninja Gear to Regular Apparel

Selling online through a website works best but doing meetups in person works extremely well too. A perfect example would be a Ninja clothing brand we’ve seen pop up recently.that’s doing quite well.

Most event promotion websites also allow direct ticket sales. This eliminates additional steps for the consumer, making the process of them participating in the event easier. Instead of having to go directly to your site and then going through a checkout process to purchase a ticket or go through the registration process, they can do so directly through the event promotion website. Offering tickets directly through these “discovery” sites helps reduce the bounce rate and increases the likelihood of making a sale.