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Monday March 9, 2015  
9:00 am Farming Our Future: The Forces and Faces of 21st Century Agriculture
Two panel discussions will cover a wide range of issues, from the Farm Bill, subsidies, and the Right to Farm Act to emerging trends of non-traditional farmers in minority communities and the growth in urban and suburban backyard farmers. An expert on Farm Bill subsidies and an expert on sustainable agriculture and food issues will lead the panel. For beginning farmers and consumers concerned about food as it relates to their health, our communities, the environment and animal welfare. $25 general; $20 students with school ID (admission includes lunch). Only cash and checks accepted at the door (credit cards cannot be processed). (more)

Kellogg Center Auditorium (219 S. Harrison East Lansing, MI)
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Wednesday March 11, 2015  
6:00 pm River Rouge and Trenton SO2 Hearings
Wayne County isn't meeting federal standards for sulfur dioxide (SO2). SO2 contributes to asthma, emphysema and bronchitis and premature death. Exposure to SO2 for very short time periods, even 5 minutes, can significantly affect health. State officials must hold polluters accountable and require a state plan to clean up two coal plants which account for eighty percent of SO2 pollution. Tell the MDEQ you support a strong plan by attending this public hearing. (more)

River Rouge High School (1460 coolidge hwy River Rouge, MI)
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